8. Oktober 2019

about me

Since 02/2019Freelancing Consultant for data science, risk assessment and statistical analysis “darwin statistics”
05/2011 – 07/2018Scientific Assistant at the Institute for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University
-Simulation of lake and river ecosystems to describe the bioaccumulation and effects of organic pollutants (YANGTZE project)
-Development of the scientific basis for the assessment and management of the environmental risks of pesticides (RISKMIN project)
-Development of statistical models to derive reference states of soil biocoenoses based on large ecological datasets (EDAPHOBASE project)
-Development of conceptual approaches for the risk assessment of pesticide mixtures in complex spray series (COMBITOX project)
-Statistical evaluation & power analysis of earthworm field study data for the assistance of the preparation of a new OECD guideline (OECD project)
-Lecturer in Ecotoxicology, Ecology & Statistics
-Assistance in the management of the Institute for Environmental Research
-Independent work on expert opinions for the German Federal Environment Agency
11/2009 – 04/2011Regulatory Scientist at the Umweltbundesamt – Federal Environment Agency of Germany, Section IV 1.3 Pesticides
-Ecotoxicological evaluation and environmental risk assessment of plant protection products at member state and EU level
-Concepts, allocation and supervision of research projects
01/2005-10/2009Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University
-Development of Terrestrial Model Ecosystems for regulatory purposes within the risk assessment of pesticides in collaboration with Bayer Cropscience AG (PhD project: Assessing the risks of pesticides on soil communities using terrestrial model ecosystems)
-Lecturer in Ecotoxicology, Ecology & Statistics
10-12/2004 Freelancing Consultant for the Institute for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University
-Creation of a literature database of ecotoxicological semi-field studies