7. Oktober 2019

what I do

data science, environmental risk assessment, ecology, nature conversation, statistics

darwin, finch, first statistician

Knowledge in the data forest – through targeted analysis, sound interpretation and critical evaluation – at the interface between research and application. Darwin Statistics offers many years of experience in the analysis of data from ecological and ecotoxicological research and regulatory studies. Statistical models and algorithms for pattern recognition can be adapted to a wide range of questions.


We anticipate the future of digital environmental data and develop concepts for science and society


I provide a toolbox of standard statistical methods organized in efficient workflows. Defined templates trim input data using validated scripts for each problem. We give advice for the specialised statistical questions in the areas of registration of plant protection products, biocides and REACH chemicals.


My core competence: Applied research in the field of ecology, ecotoxicology and data science. We work in research alliances at the interfaces of individual project parts, thus creating synergies and added value for the whole.


I love transfer of knowledge. Students are advised on statistical study planning and analysis in theses, on request, adapted courses in “statistics for risk assessors“ and trainings of companies in efficient and self-sufficient approaches of data analysis are offered.